Location Service Specialist

Mid-West Fertilizer | Metz, MO

Posted Date 5/15/2022

JOB SUMMARY: Responsible to travel to assigned location daily and assist the elevator operator and elevator superintendent with grain handling duties in the elevator; perform cleaning and maintenance duties in the elevator, in buildings, and on the grounds; dump and load grain trucks, load feed, load fertilizer, and assist with the seed cleaning. Drive a floater or tender truck for Agronomy Department when requested. Perform duties in a manner that will optimize the cooperative’s efficiency, help achieve the cooperative’s mission and goals, and result in outstanding customer service. This employee will maintain a positive attitude that promotes team work within the entire cooperative and a favorable image of the cooperative. 



  1. Current operational knowledge of all machinery in elevator. Ability to operate the elevator safely, make minor repairs, and conduct scheduled maintenance on all equipment.
  2. Good working knowledge of fertilizer and seed.
  3. Good working knowledge of the properties of corn, wheat, beans, milo, and sunflowers.
  4. Ability to operate a seed cleaning machine.
  5. Ability to operate a bobcat and a forklift.
  6. Ability to utilize Ag Trax accounting system and Microsoft Office.
  7. CDL with hazardous materials endorsement
  8. Ability to react to change productively and handle other essential tasks as assigned.
  9. Frequently lift or move 50 pounds and occasionally lift or move 100 pounds.



Eye protection is required in restricted areas. Appropriate personal protective equipment (i.e. goggles, gloves, long sleeve shirt, and/or face mask) required when handling chemicals.



A high school degree or GED.



  1. Handle incoming grain by unloading trucks. If necessary, weigh and test the grain, and transfer the grain to the correct bin utilizing the available storage space as efficiently a possible. Load out grain to either trucks or rail cars.
  2. Unload feed from supply truck and load into warehouse. Load feed into customer vehicles as directed by location manager or elevator superintendent.
  3. Load fertilizer into customer vehicles as directed by the location manager or the elevator superintendent.
  4. Assist with the operation of the dryer and the seed cleaner.
  5. Drive tender truck or floater for Agronomy Department when assigned.
  6. Apply fertilizer or chemical accurately, safely, and timely on the field assigned.
  7. Complete paperwork assigned while operating the floater.
  8. Observe OSHA, DOT, state, and federal safety regulations; maintain equipment and facilities regularly; and follow housekeeping standards keeping facilities neat and clean.
  9. Maintain a positive attitude that promotes team work within the cooperative and a favorable image of the cooperative.
  10. Greet customers promptly and courteously with a friendly smile and a hello, thank them for their business, promptly and courteously answer the phone, assist customers with loading and unloading, work with customers to resolve problems and report complaints to the location manager or the elevator superintendent.
  11. Attend product, merchandising, and cooperative meetings and work to improve personal skills and knowledge.



Job involves work inside a climate-controlled office atmosphere and outside in hot and cold weather. Job involves much stooping, standing, and climbing on ladders. Extensive scooping with a shovel and sweeping with a broom are also required.

Non Exempt
Location Manager

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